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About the Book

barefoot-and-boofoot-hardFrom the Alaskan Wilderness: The Adventures of Barefoot and Boofoot; Spring In Which Barefoot Meets Boofoot

When Barefoot is awakened in the middle of the night by his friend Butternut, a clumsy squirrel, he embarks on a mission to help rescue the cantankerous Grandpa Beaver. But his excursion turns into a struggle for his own life when Barefoot falls into an icy river. Boofoot, an injured caribou on a journey to rejoin his herd, unwittingly saves Barefoot’s life and takes him to the cabin of a mysterious woodsman—Piquat Pearcrumb, a legendary figure who writes poems and doctors grizzly bears. When wolves stalk Barefoot on his way back home, he must depend on his newfound friend, Boofoot, to save his life once again. Order a copy now!